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  • Despite what school taught us history is good. If on holiday however all you find is in a glass case you are probably looking in the wrong places or your destination really is dull. As we all know you will experience more culture in a bar, music venue or football ground than staring at rubble.


  • Travel guides tell you where's full of 'local colour' but if that doesn't already mean places their readership feel safe they will inevitably be colonised by them before you get there. This forces prices up to the point where that authentic experience involves nobody but tourists being served drinks by gap year students. Fight the power and go somewhere else.


  • If 3,000 word essays about the smell of eucalyptus wafting across the veranda are your thing read the travel supplements but question who owns the veranda and why the journalist went there. Can every trip to Tuscany or that band from years ago be that good or are the writers self selecting?


  • The definition of travel and popular culture can be extremely elastic but unless it's a close scrape with a puffer fish we don't want to see pictures of your tea. Avoid being an Idiot Abroad but approach the experience with originality and if the occasion demands a certain stylish irreverence.


  • When Shanghaied In Port sells out start your own website.


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